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The Premium Standard in Whole House Remodeling

Is your kitchen a little outdated, or perhaps your house is feeling a bit too cramped? The answer is a professional Fort Lauderdale home remodel with Roth Diversified Construction. Our goal is to make your home a beautiful and practical space that complements your lifestyle. We perform all types of remodeling services, including kitchen, bathroom, flooring, new construction, extra rooms, and much more. Our skilled team of contractors works with you to create renovations that add outstanding value.

We want you to feel proud of your home and comfortable in every space. For these reasons, we offer specialized home remodeling contractors in Fort Lauderdale that you can rely on to get the best results.

We Believe that A Brand New Home is a Brand New You

If you need a larger bedroom, more storage, or updated flooring, call your trusted home remodeling contractors Fort Lauderdale homes and businesses can trust.

Beautiful and Versatile Bedrooms

When your bedroom space is limited, or you wish to upgrade the floors, we will be there to beautify your bedroom. Bedrooms are such intimate spaces, they should include a practical design that meets your esthetic standards. As Fort Lauderdale home remodeling contractors, we have assisted our clients with all styles of bedrooms, from new floors and lighting to perfect ceilings and the smoothest walls. Every bedroom project that we have undertaken is functional, contemporary, and within the financial reach of our treasured clients. We want you to fall in love with your house again!

Fully Kitted Kitchens and the Boldest Bathrooms

As the best remodeling contractor, Fort Lauderdale residents have benefited from our bathroom, and kitchen remodels in personal residences and holiday homes. Whether you have an outdated space or you wish to make better use of the space, you need a Fort Lauderdale home remodeling contractor who is committed and professional. We provide the finest standard in kitchen and bathroom renovations, including new fixtures, finishes, and additions. Our contractors are experienced in installing the latest fittings and advise on quality solutions that last. If you need the bathroom modernized or wish for a larger kitchen, our contractors will manage the project from execution to completion.

With our remodeling contractor, Fort Lauderdale clients receive superior bathroom, and kitchen remodels. Please speak to us for new faucets, countertops, vanities, kitchen cupboards, and much more.

Why Choose Our fort lauderdale Home Remodeling Services

Whether you need a remodel service to expand your living room, beautify the bathroom, or create a retirement oasis, you can count on our home remodeling Fort Lauderdale services. What makes us so different is our ability to connect with our clients. We listen to what you need and want and do our utmost to fulfill your requirements. As unmatched home remodeling contractors in Fort Lauderdale communities are encouraged to speak to our dedicated team for truly rewarding renovations. We are a top home remodeling company that has continued to impress our clients and maintain our high standard of services no matter the scale of the project.

From quaint homes with modest remodels to large-scale residential projects, you can count on us for the best renovations. Speak to the most reliable remodeling contractor Fort Lauderdale can provide. We guarantee the quality of our home renovations, including sunrooms, offices, patios, walls, floors, doors, and many other enhancements. The purpose of our services is to help you transform your ideas and vision into a lasting reality. Roth Diversified Construction offers affordable prices and the quality of our work always adds value to the homes with work on. 

Speak to the best home remodeling contractors in fort lauderdale

You can have a single room renovated or an entire house upgraded with our home remodeling services. As a leader in home remodeling, people continue to depend on us for valuable and practical renovations. We are experts in design and plan, project management, and execution. With a trusted remodeling contractor, Fort Lauderdale communities have peace of mind that their remodels are of the highest quality.

When you rely on Roth Diversified Construction, you will receive an experienced and skilled workforce. We have the technicians, designers, and general contractors to create the results you’ve always wanted for your home. Call or text today to learn more. 

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