Custom Home Design Services

Customized Homes And Renovations

Designing and Building the Smart Way

Roth Diversified Construction has taken an active stance in the design process of our customized homes, remodels, and renovations. Our design team consists of experienced architects, general contractors, residential and commercial experts who are skilled, talented, and innovative in every professional undertaking. We understand that the design of a commercial project or a house requires an impeccable esthetic touch, but it should also include value.

At Roth Diversified Construction, our design process focuses on the beauty and the luxury we can create for our clients but also without failing to incorporate the value that every client needs and deserves.

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Design Services for Residential & Commercial Construction

To transform your property into a dream or create an impressive commercial property to best represent your brand, we offer a full design service in South Florida. Roth Diversified Construction lives up to its name with flexible and truly diverse design solutions tailored to reflect its client’s personalities and branding. We assist with lighting layouts, the selection and placement of furniture, the selection and fitment of appliances, and kitchen enhancements, and we offer specialized recommendations for complementary decor. To make your vision a reality, we deliver on-trend design elements and themed decor solutions for homes and businesses.

Residential Design Services

Speak to our team for impeccable design services. We are here to complete the look and feel of your residential and commercial interiors with the creativity and the skills of our architects, interior designers, and general contractors.

An essential part of any design and decor service is the right balance of lighting. We incorporate the latest energy-saving LED technologies, ensuring the best illumination with modern design elements for your next residential or commercial project.

If you’ve looked at a space and lacked inspiration on which furniture items to choose and where to place them, we can help you with modern furnishings, key pieces, and value for money. Our design innovators work with you to breathe new life into a space that is practical as much as it is beautiful.

The kitchen is the heart of the home or the heart of a restaurant (in the case of commercial property). Our role is to help you with quality kitchen remodels and makeovers and advise on kitchen workspaces, counters, and essential appliances.

From the artwork and the color on the walls to the flooring, fixtures, and much more, we are here to provide design inspiration when it comes to the d├ęcor of your home and business. Modernize your interiors with our unparalleled design.

Rather than rely on multiple contractors for the design and construction phases, Roth Diversified Construction offers an all-in-one design and construction service. We are here to work with you on every aspect of your construction and design project.

Property Design And Renovation

Design Choices with Impeccable Quality and Value to Match

Property design is just as important as its actual construction when executing a renovation and remodel. Well-thought-out and planned design means interiors that are functional with eye-catching beauty. An important part of our design process is to remain up to date on interior design trends and ensure that we can deliver on our promises of contemporary, fresh, and innovative design and decor. Our area of specialization includes commercial projects from restaurants and banks to businesses. We advise on the design choices for your interior that are sure to impress. Our purpose is to provide a design that will appeal to customers and visitors while maximizing commercial services.

Roth Diversified Construction has focused on improving and tailoring design services over the last decade. We combine traditional techniques with modern services to bring our clients smart solutions that work. This includes 3D visual planning and technical design to ensure every design goal is carefully planned and conceptualized. Only you know what you want for your interior design. We are here to guide you and provide the expert guidance you need to make these desires and dreams a reality.

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