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There is nothing better than walking through the front door of your home and entering a space that reflects your personality and your lifestyle. It can bring undeniable peace and tranquility but also an exceptional value. As part of our construction services, we are proud to offer our clients fully customized homes. Whether a large-scale remodel or a traditional renovation, Roth Diversified construction is here to transform your dream home into a reality.

We start the process by getting to know your needs and interests. As Fort Lauderdale custom home builders we will advise on the materials, the costs, and the design options to develop a fully custom house you can be proud of. Not only do we undertake the build itself but also ensure that every part of the zoning and building permits is updated prior to project commencement.

Custom Home Builders

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Custom Home Builders In South Florida

Florida homeowners are looking for properties that fit their lifestyle and their esthetics. A custom home is the simplest way to achieve everything you desire in a house. Let us make that dream a big reality. Call today to learn more about our Fort Lauderdale custom home builders.

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When you choose Roth Diversified Construction for your custom home build, you are not only building an investment but a dream. Since 2009, we have assisted hundreds of clients in realizing their dreams and their home goals to reflect their needs and personalities. We understand that your living needs and interests can change, and for these reasons, we offer renovation, remodel, and new construction services that accommodate both present and future living requirements. Let us create the home you desire with our outstanding craftsmanship and years of expertise.

How We Build and Design Customized Homes

Prior to building a house, we meet with our clients to understand what they are looking for.  Are you interested in a large 4 bedroom family home, or perhaps you’re interested in a sleek, open-plan, and industrial-style living space? Our team will inspect the property to advise on remodel and renovation options. We then create a detailed pre-construction plan with a breakdown of the costs and project completion timeframe. Every home remodel and upgrade supervised by our quality control superintendents to ensure the new remodel is on par with our quality standards.

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Custom Home Builders And Renovation

For new interiors and repairs, speak to our team of Fort Lauderdale custom home builders for comprehensive quotes and professional planning. We are here to help you with unmatched quality of service in residential construction. Our services include home remodels, kitchen and bathroom renovations, residential repairs, and more.

Building Dream Homes Together with our Custom home builders in fort lauderdale

Roth Diversified Construction has perfected the art of building custom homes. Whether a small and modern home or a luxurious contemporary living space, we have the expertise and the design innovation to build your dream home. We have been remodeling and renovating houses for more than a decade. We are very familiar with the design and build process, from planning and authorization for building permits to create outstanding finishes. Your custom home is not only a place of peace, relaxation, and living but also a work of art that should stand the test of time. Our renovations include bathroom and kitchen remodeling, which adds incredible resale value to your new home, all the way to new construction.

To help you achieve a brand new interior and a style of home that is functional and beautiful, we pay careful attention to your design ideas and requirements.  Along with our design and general contractors, we make recommendations for floor plans, features, and fixtures to complement your lifestyle and vision. For new interiors and repairs, speak to our team for comprehensive quotes and professional planning. We are here to help you with unmatched quality of service in residential construction.

Why choose Roth Diversified Construction for home construction in Fort Lauderdale?

  • Professional attitude and proficiency in home constructions, be it new construction or remodeling.
  • Meticulous working with a passionate drive to offer exemplary designs and project output.
  • Commitment to working within a pre-determined budget and sticking to the timeline.
  • Honesty and integrity are two pillars that drive our relationships with our clients.
  • Ensuring trade best practices adherence.
  • The safety of our workers is a top priority for us.

We are proud of getting commendable reviews from our customers who appreciate our efforts and dedication to help them realize their dream home.

Home Inspection Service in Fort Lauderdale

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Roth Diversified Construction will work with you to create a cost-effective and efficient way of transforming your house into a home. We are honest and courteous, always offering our clients honest advice concerning the design phases, the options for specific types of designs, and the associated costs. Our team of Fort Lauderdale custom home builders are here to work with you to produce a residential project that is valuable, flawless, and incredible in its finishes. Your next residential transformation shouldn’t give you headaches. It should transform your dreams into a reality.

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