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Philip Y. Roth, the president of Roth Diversified Construction, Inc., grew up with the building industry in his blood. His grandfather and father, both successful home builders influenced by European craftsmanship, took Philip to job sites from the time he was a boy. As a finance major at Ohio State University, Philip began to sharpen the skills he would later need to develop a successful business. He gained invaluable experience early in his career when he worked on commercial construction, collaborating on projects such as the repair of Espirito Santo Plaza Office Tower, Conrad Hotel, Standard Charter Bank, Bank of America, ACS Infrastructure, and many other high-end office and retail clients. As he continued to gain experience, he began to envision the company’s plan that would become Roth Diversified Construction.

Philip’s eye for design and creativity has served as a springboard for innovative but practical approaches to his client’s construction needs. His trademarks are attention to detail and persistence, even when the job presents complex building challenges. He provides innovative methods to turn problems into solutions. His “can-do” attitude, coupled with his supervisors and crew’s watchful and meticulous work, makes the renovation or building process a positive experience for clients and their families.

Roth Diversified Construction specializes in residential and commercial transformations. We do not hesitate to make an honest appraisal of what is possible and the most efficient and cost-effective way to complete the project. Our sincere and open advice about the cost of completing a project provides our clients with peace of mind and the knowledge that the job will be done at the stated price. The company takes the same pride in completing large and smaller projects, and the Roth name serves as a trademark of excellence in both cases.

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As a leader in South Florida, we strive always to set a higher standard for ourselves as a company and provide our clients with an excellent experience and first-class building materials.

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